About Carol Missel


Welcome. I’m so glad you came to visit this space. I created Modern Relationshxps with the hope of creating a place where people from all walks of life could be supported and inspired to create healthy, meaningful and fulfilling relationships. This includes relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, co-workers, society and even ourselves.

I have had the honor of helping hundreds of individuals, couples and families find greater freedom and peace in their lives and relationships. I’d be honored to support you as well.


About Modern Relationshxps


At the Crossroads of Love & Living in the Modern World.


At Modern RelationshXps we understand that each one of us lives in a myriad of relationships, as complex and unique as each individual who walks this earth. Relationships determine the quality of our lives because they matter to us. So we are here to help you when your relationships are stuck in negative patterns or miss the mark of what we were expecting, as well as help you grow the next level into greater fulfillment, deeper connection and more ease.

We are here to support you and your relationships become the best they were meant to be, believing that we can change the world, once relationship at a time.

Modern Relationshxps is a place of inclusivity where all lifestyles who respect the dignity of humanity are welcome.

We are not here to streamline you or your relationships into a cookie-cutter idea of a good or bad. We are here to support you to be the best you and to equip you and empower you to bring your best you to the relationships you live within.

It’s a journey and we want to help provide some navigational tools to support you, guide you, and celebrate you reaching your desired destination.


Why the “X” instead of an “i” ?

So glad you asked! There are many reasons I chose to use an X in our name. Click the button below to read the blog that explains it all. But here’s the short-hand version:

Reason #1: www.ModernRelationships.com was taken.

Final MRx X Logo  (Playfair & Roboto).png

Reason #2. X represents gender neutrality, which upholds our values of Inclusivity.

Reason #3: It gave us a symbol to create a logo around.

Reason #4: It provided direction for landing on our Bi-Line

“At the Crossroads of Love & Living in the Modern World.”

Reason #5: Eliminating the “i” is symbolic for recognizing no one truly lives isolated and outside relationships. The “X” represents two i’s crossing each other - a relationship.

Admittedly, not everyone likes the X. Some look at me funny when I tell them my business is “Modern Relationships with an X for the i,” but I figure that’s okay. It makes them think and they often ask me the same question you were asking “why the X instead of an i.” At that moment, the passage way is open for me to cast the vision and invite them to join us on this journey of meeting “At the Crossroads of Love & Living in the Modern World.”