We’re here to support you creating a life of fulfillment and meaning. We believe that can happen through improving your relationships with others and yourself.

EVERYONE who desires to grow in their ability to give and receive more love & respect are WELCOME HERE.

We offer different direct services, and there are a few areas of interest and specialty that Carol can uniquely support you in. Take a look at what’s offered and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.



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Whether you're needing support through a transition, stuck in a conflict, or preparing for a deeper commitment, couple's counseling with Carol can create a greater sense of love, fulfillment and peace in your relationship.



You are on a journey of figuring out how to live your best life possible, and each of us comes with unique challenges in that journey. Carol can help you work through those challenges by gaining tools and insight to live more empowered.

Families (young adults/teens)

Navigating the waters of parenting teens and young adults is tricky. Today's modern times come with a myriad of issues to consider. Family therapy can equip each of you to learn how to be more effective in creating honoring relationships that promote health and appropriate support.


Group Therapy

Join others in the journey of overcoming anxiety, depression and fear through our weekly Women Finding Freedom Groups. All groups are a "No Judgement Zone" where we come together on equal footing and cheer each other on to greater freedom and empowerment in our lives.
Currently Closed for the Summer of 2019. Send us a message is you'd like to be put on our waitlist.


Areas of Specialty


Anxiety Roadblocks

Anxiety can interrupt your ability to move towards what you really want in your life. It takes more than willpower to overcome anxiety, it takes understanding how it works and how your relate to it. Carol can support you in overcoming anxiety with practical tools and support


Relationship Coaching

Your romantic relationship is one of the most valuable treasures you will have in your life. Take good care of it by getting a solid foundation. Whether you’re planning on getting married, deciding if you want to move in together or just wanting to keep making improvements, Carol’s Adventures in Coupling program offers you tips, tools and a roadmap to creating a life of love with your special someone.

Food & Body Issues

Together, we can help you find freedom from being consumed with thoughts about food or your body, feeling out-of-control with your eating, doing compulsive or avoidant movement and being buried body shame.